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Four online platforms to choose from:


The most versatile and universal event platform. It effectively engages participants by providing maximum emotions.


Realistic 3D world with unlimited customisation possibilities. Works on PC/Mac and smartphones.


The most comprehensive virtual world with the possibility to create your own 3D space. Available on any web browser.


It impresses with its refined graphics and careful attention to detail. The game's graphics and attention to detail have been perfected. The game works on any web browser. Works in any web browser.

Let us choose together metaverse for your event!

How do we act? and why you can count on us!

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Can we help you choose a platform?

Tell us what kind of event you are organising, and we will tell you which avatars and budget will have the best effect.

We know all these platforms

You don't need to analyse, compare and test the solutions. We know all about them. Depending on the category of event you are organising and the target group, we will work with you to select the best option.

We have solutions for every budget, so don't worry about that!

If you are planning a team building event for your team, we will tell you which activities and attractions will make the most of the potential of virtual reality, providing you with many unforgettable impressions.


We will prepare the event

We will train speakers and exhibitors, help you prepare the branding of the whole space. We will be with you all the time.

Event manager included

When you decide to work with us, you will receive a complete package with the platform of your choice. You will receive, together with the platform of your choice event manager. A person? Experienced in organising avatar events.

Together we will put together a schedule and take care of all the details so that speakers, exhibitors and guests simply have a great time participating in a perfectly prepared event.

Yes, just like in the real world!


We will take care of the participants

On the day of the event, our entire team has just one task: to make the virtual world a delight for your guests. Your guests. And this is always the case! ?

Comprehensive service for guests

After logging in, visitors are greeted by hostesses who help them take their first steps and give them tips on how to use the platform.

During the event, a technical helpline will be set up to answer questions by phone, chat and email and to help you set up your computer.

Technical support is available in every lecture hall, responding immediately in case a speaker or lecturer requires assistance. The technical support will respond immediately if the speaker or lecturer requires assistance.

And at the end, we always have an amazing surprise attraction that all participants will remember for a long time!

What is it? avatars? and why it works so phenomenally!


Viewing conferences, webinars and streaming are the equivalent of passively watching TV, yet online events can? involve you? and delivers? real emotions.

The key is? avatar platforms, also known as metavers. metavers.

Have you discovered the world of computer games? avatars centuries ago. In the games you control an avatar, which can be a knight, a soldier, a car driver, an athlete, a gladiator or a super hero.

Metawers - that is avatar online platformIt uses exactly the same mechanism as computer games. The only difference is that here you create an avatar that simply -  is Tob?!

By avatar You enter a virtual trade fair and conference centre, and there you attend an event, listen to a lecture, you meet avatars of other participantstalk to them, socialise, even dance and have fun at the same time!

Who already? Successfully organised the event. avatar event?

And how such avatar event look?

Avatar online conferencing, giving you the opportunity to create an online conference. Create film report or report from the event. This way, a lasting memory is left behind after the conference for the participants. Please feel free to share and comment. in the social media.

And how much Are they delighted? participants?

Each event in our metaverse is explosion of positive emotions The event has been covered by the social media. Participants are sharing their impressions, while those who are not present are in disbelief that online events can be so engaging. can be so engaging. "And how can you explain to a child that a parent is not playing, but is at work!" ?

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