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Virbela is the most comprehensive avatar platform developed in the USA since 2012. It was created to improve remote working and integrate teams of employees dispersed around the world (the idea came from a real estate agency eXp World Holdings Inc.).

Today, Virbela is one of the most frequently chosen meta-events and online events organisers. It plays like a computer game, offering a full spectrum of attractions and professional tools for effective presentations.


  • PApplication for PC/Windows and Apple/MacOS

    Use of the platform and participation in the event requires the application to be installed on your computer.

  • PSupport for VR glasses (Oculus/HTC Vive)


  • P3D animated avatars of participants
  • PMeeting rooms and office space
  • PThree outdoor stages (beach, field, roof)
  • PThematic themes ( wedding and party themes)
  • PPlayground, lighthouse and motorboats


  • PScientific congresses
  • PIndustry conferences
  • PTrade fairs and exhibitions with 3D stands
  • PMeetings and integration games
  • PConcerts and dance events
  • PRemote working in a virtual office

Platform provider:

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Home screen avatar platform Virbela

screen live virbela
Entrance to the auditorium

Lectures and talks are held here.

Gallery building

A spacious exhibition and networking area. A spacious space for exhibitions and networking.

GO TO menu

Use this menu to teleport to any location in the virtual object. This menu allows you to teleport to any location in the virtual object.

List of participants

Here you will find other logged in participants of the event.

Scene on the roof

Here you can organise a concert or a dance party.


A place where event participants receive information about the agenda and how to navigate the platform.

Your avatar

T? With this character you move around the virtual conference centre. Just like being there!

Chat window

Here you can ask questions to the speakers and communicate with other participants.

Microphone icon

When you pick up the microphone, you can talk to other participants you meet just like in real life.

Site map

It helps to orient oneself in a virtual world.

Avatars in metaverse Virbela

Avatar appearance:

Avatars on the platform Virbela The avatars are stylised as retro computer game characters. Thanks to the simplified graphics, the avatars are very nicely animated, and their cheerful facial expressions make even prolonged interaction with other users in the form of these avatars a very positive experience.


Animations and emotions of avatars:

Avatars Virbela The game is equipped with the ability to The most common ones, such as waving your hand, saying hello, applauding, and several others, are activated by pressing buttons. The most common ones, such as waving hands, saying hello, applauding, and a few others, are activated with the F1-F7 function keys. Others, more advanced, can be activated by typing a command in the chat window.

Virtual spaces avatar platform Virbela

Avatar platforms - for any occasion and for each budget


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